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iAnimal 360

iAnimal uses cutting-edge virtual reality technology to give viewers an immersive look at the life cycle of factory farmed animals from birth to death. This latest project, features brand new footage filmed by 13 investigators in six countries.

Action For Animals has partnered with one of the US's top charity organizations, Animal Equality, to unveil the cruelty inside animal agriculture industries. 

What viewers can expect: 

  • honest transparency 

  • standard legal footage, only

  • the opportunity to analyze, question and explore veganism and plant based diets

  • encouraging, respectful and truthful dialogue 

  • evidence based information

  • booklets and online resources 

  • delicious food sampling

  • opportunities for community involvement 

Over 500 students in Michigan reached this semester!

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I watched the video about cows. Watching that only reaffirms my feelings about animal cruelty and raising animals on farms.

Eastern Michigan University student

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