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Helping Hands

Community Service

They help animals. So we help them. 

Everywhere, in communities all over the world, are selfless animal advocates who work day in and day out to rescue and rehabilitate animals. Most organizations are small, community driven, underfunded and understaffed. We saw a need in our community to offer assistance to local wildlife rehabilitation and rescue centers. After all, they really are our heroes! We assist with animal care, maintenance, construction and anything else they might need help with to better serve animals! 

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Action For Animals Community Partners 2022!

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What they're saying... 

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"It’s so nice when people from other rescue groups support other rescue groups!!!! Brece is an Animal Care Manager at Sasha Farm and Katie (Brece’s fiance) has volunteered there for the past 10 years. We spent the day putting another larger tarp on the squirrel release pen, cleaned out all the fallen branches in the woods so the fawns don’t trip over them, and we erected the run-in for the horse paddock! Thank you Katie and Brece!!!!" - Kierstie, Outback Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Ottawa Lake, MI

"A million thanks to Brece and Chase from Action for Animals for helping us extend our fawn enclosure! This will allow our fawns to really stretch their legs as they grow and prepare for release! Brece and Chase are donating their time and energy to local rehabbers to help lighten the load, even in the 90 degree heat!!! It takes a village!!! You guys are the best!" - Erin, Help 4 Wildlife, Fenton, MI

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